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    450+ Campus Drives

    • we understand the Importance of Bridging the gap between Talented Individuals and Reputable Organizations. Our College Job Drives Program aims to Connect Top-Notch Companies with Promising Students, Providing an Exceptional Platform for Career Growth and Exploration.

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    52+ No of Clients Served

    • We're proud to have worked with Top Companies, Spanning a wide range of Industries and Sectors. Our Clients trust us to find the Best Talent for their Organizations and our Team of Experienced Recruiters and Trainers Understand & Deliver their Specific Needs.

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    15000+ Canditates Upskilled

    • At The Placement Park, We pride ourselves on our Tailor made Training Programs Specifically Designed to Upskill Students and Jobseeker with Industry Ready Skillsets.

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    8000+ Canditates Placed

    • With over 8000+ Candidates placed all over India in Top Tier MNC's and Organisations, We are Committed and Passionate to offer our Recruitment Services to Job Seekers to find their Dream Careers.

72+ College Connectivity

We work closely with Colleges and Universities to Identify Top Talent. Our Campus Program includes Job Fairs, Internships, Resume Writing Workshops, Mock Interviews, and other Initiatives that help Students Prepare for the Job Market.

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